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More than 1.50 billion USD are mobile game users in the world (Statista), and around 55.31 billion USD is the market revenue of video games. Likewise, PUBG is the most successful app in the world of gaming apps, as a result, many people want to develop game app like PUBG. It received more than $2.5 billion of revenue in the year 2020 and became the best pastime for the app age group.

This game led to a massive shift in how games used to be earlier. There is no lack of gamers who look for exciting, multi-level, and effective games on their mobiles. You would hardly find a person who doesn’t know about a game like PUBG.

You will be shocked by knowing that around 3.07 billion can be mobile gamers in the year 2023. So, if you are thinking about how to create a game app like PUBG in 2022, you have a great business idea for this year.

But do you think a mere app idea is enough to develop app like PUBG? Obviously not, you have to focus on several things, so that you can have a robust and user-friendly app under your budget. Experts of VB TECHNO SOLUTIONS will make you aware of all the necessary information for app development. Let’s start knowing the what is the reason behind the success of the PUBG game first.

Why PUBG Is So Famous?

PUBG is the most popular game in the world. You must have heard and read this sentence so many times. But why this is so? Here are the reasons.

  • Map Knowledge
  • Extensive Choice
  • Playing with Friends
  • Realistic Sound & Graphics
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility
  • Adventurous & Interesting

  1. Map Knowledge
    When you play a PUBG game, you need to have map knowledge. It is because this knowledge is necessary to find the spots and play safely. Moreover, the enemy can hide at any location so map knowledge becomes crucial. This feature increases the curiosity of the players.
  2. Extensive Choice
    In other games, you find only limited things, but a Mobile game like PUBG offers you extensive choices for sports simulation, weapons, location, look of the player, and more. The user can select, remove, add new features, and collect them to empower his character in the game.
  3. Playing with Friends
    Before sometimes back, you could play single and didn’t have features to socialize. PUBG allows you to play with your friends and any other people. This feature played a crucial role in making PUBG popular. Our on-demand app development company is receiving requirements for this type of feature from various businesses.
  4. Realistic Sound & Graphics
    How can you forget the location and sound in the PUBG game? They make you feel like you are on the battlefield in reality. Realistic graphics and sound are such a product of skilled and experienced developers, and designers of PUBG game app.
  5. Cross-Platform Accessibility
    You can play the PUBG game on a computer, mobile, and laptop as well. This cross-play feature of PUBG has made the game so easy to access and portable for the users. Nowadays, developers are focusing on this feature more while working on a PUBG alternative.
  6. Adventurous & Interesting
    Since PUBG is a battlefield game, the players have to face several hurdles, overcome them, and survive at the end of the game. These all things make the game adventurous. Moreover, the player connects with the virtual world through the real world and has a realistic game environment.

So, due to all these reasons, PUBG enjoys the top position in the most famous games. As more users lead to more revenue many entrepreneurs want to know how to make a PUBG game. Likewise, PUBG has lovers from all age groups so you can have immense traffic on your Apps similar to PUBG.

Have a look at the below statistics.

The above statistics exhibit the average time spent by users across the globe on daily basis on mobile gaming apps. 50-99 age group people used the gaming apps more than other age groups from October 2020 to March 2021. People of age 19 used the game app least in the same period.

So, you can notice that game apps are no more the only youngsters’ thing, today all the type of people like to use them in their free time. If you are planning to develop a game app like PUBG, you must be aware of game development trends so that your app doesn’t look old and devoid of the latest technologies.

Top Game Development Trends in 2022

Mobile development has gone through several improvements and changes. 

  • PC Quality Experience on Mobile
  • Social Connections
  • Wearables
  • Games for All Ages
  • The decline of Game Consoles
  • AR and VR Popularity
  • Cloud-Based Games
  • Open-Source Development
  • AAA Mobile Gaming
  1. PC Quality Experience on Mobile
    Sometimes back you could play games on PCs only. But as time passed, updates on the technologies led to the change in the mode of playing games. Today, you can have PC like quality experience on the mobile also.
  2. Social Connections
    You can play games like PUBG with your friends and relatives without being with them physically. You can message and talk to the other players in the game. Moreover, you can use voice assistant for the same.
  3. Wearables
    Initially, people used to use wearables for fitness but now they use them for several tasks. And gaming is one of them. Although this type of device is expensive for some people, soon it will become affordable and revolutionize the gaming world.
  4. Games for All Ages
    Today, all types and ages of people like to have the gaming experience. But, sometimes back, solo gaming was popular and provided limited scope for interaction. But, now people want to develop game app like PUBG in which they can include features for all age groups.
  5. The decline of Game Consoles
    Console gaming is stagnant because people now like to play games using apps and don’t go to Cyber stations. People can play effective games using their phones and experience console gaming on their mobiles. Moreover, they don’t have to go to a particular place to play online games with friends.
  6. AR and VR Popularity
    It is the most popular mobile gaming trend in 2022. The impressive user experience and engaging graphics deliver the never before changes in the gaming world.
  7. Cloud-Based Games
    When games can be played on remote servers, they are called cloud-based games. Vertex, Boosteroid, Amazon Luna, and Shadow are examples of cloud-based services. Cloud gaming is the future of gaming as you can access computers remotely, and more things are needed to explore in this technology.
  8. Open-Source Development
    Open-source game development has become the need of the hour. Instead of licensed ones, open-source frameworks are becoming more popular among developers. Several game apps are developed using freely available tools and frameworks.
  9. AAA Mobile Gaming
    miHoYo’s Genshin impact game received more than $150 million of revenue and all this in just one month. Gacha style monetization and superior graphics made this game popular among the masses. It used single-player mechanics from AAA PC. Developers can include this trend in your alternative PUBG.

So, these are some of the important trends. Now you know what type of game apps are people looking for. You can deal with the developers effectively if you know the trends. But one thing carries great importance to developing apps like PUBG. It is the development process. You must know how to develop a PUBG game step by step below.

How to Develop an App Like PUBG?

After the wild success of the PUBG game overseas, many people are planning to have such an app. But do you know how much time is required to develop an app similar to PUBG? The amazing level of detailing and effective designs are not the work of 4-6 months, it can take at least 1-2 years.

The developers’ team of Technource offers you the development process of a game app below. You can understand the game app development cycle, how many phases are there, and how long your app can take to be ready.

  • The Idea for App development
  • Rough Order Magnitude
  • Requirements for the App
  • Internal & External Design
  • Prototype of the App
  • Logic Building
  • Testing of the App
  • App Publication

Game Development Life Cycle: What are the Stages of Game Development?

  1. The Idea for App development
    Finding the best idea for app development is time-taking because you have to research, and understand the market of game development. How many people are using which type of apps, and what is the future of game apps? You have to be ready with the answer to all of this. Since you already know that you want to develop game app like PUBG, move to the next process.
  2. Rough Order Magnitude
    It is a rough idea of all the crucial points related to app development. These are estimations of the project’s size, cost, resources, and others. It takes place at the beginning of the project, and then the entire project works accordingly. For your PUBG clone app, make sure you know about this step.
  3. Requirements for the App
    There are several things needed in app development. Two types of requirements are vital; technical and functional. What will the app do, comes in the functional requirements? Like authorization, business core, historical data, transactions, and others? In technical requirements are as follows.

1. The programming languages used to develop a gaming app
2. Development Platform
3. Data storage
4. Security management
5. Designing frameworks

  1. Internal & External Design
    For an effective and seamless user experience, UI/UX should be perfect. It is vital how simple is your app for the users to adopt it fast. If a user faces issues with the functions of the app, he will rarely come on the app again in the future., jQuery mobile, KendoUI, and AngularUI are some important front-end design frameworks for a game like PUBG.
  2. Prototype of the App
    The prototype is a dummy of an app. The business analyst shows you a prototype, that how your app will look like after completion. With the interactive model reassembly of the final product, an overview of the app is built before the actual coding. The prototype has no coding, it is just a dummy to show the client. Once this is finalized, logic development starts.
  3. Logic Building
    PUBG development time depends on the time needed by the developer to build logic for the app. He has to analyze existing codes, collect information, understand your requirements, and write code for your app development. The logic building is the main part of app development, and the real expertise of the developer reflects here.
  4. Testing of the App
    Once the app is ready, the mobile app development company doesn’t hand over the product. It first tests the product and makes sure all the functions are working properly or not. If there is a bug or error, the improvement work starts again. Once the app passes all the tests, it is ready to launch.
  5. App Publication
    After all the tests and processes, the final step comes is publishing the app on the Apple Store or Google play store. It requires you to register on the concerned platform.

What Is the Cost of PUBG Game Development?

Approx 90% of businesses are increasing their investment in mobile app development in the USA. So, you can also think about it, but one thing should be clear. You must decide your budget keeping all the app development factors in mind so that further things don’t get hampered.

App functionality, development platforms, tech stack, maintenance plan, and many other factors are considered to decide the final cost of app development. The cost of a PUBG like app is high in the USA, it is around $100,000 to 150,000. Likewise, the PUBG development time is also high, it takes around one to two years to make a game like PUBG.

Well, the price and time completely depend on the app type and its size. If you want add-on features in the app the price can increase and the developers will need more time to complete it.

Top 7 Mobile Game Development Tools for 2022

There are several mobile game development tools are used by the developers. Some of them are mentioned in the blog for you. If you wanted to develop a game app like PUBG, you should be aware of at least one of these tools. Have a look.

  • Unity
  • Phaser
  • Cocos 2D
  • Corona SDK
  • Stencyl
  • Construct 3
  • Twine

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